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Saidee Bailey - Fertility & pre-natal Nutritionist.  Perfect Start Pregnancy is an all round pre-natal platfor giving mums to be an insight into the ast world of baby care, nutrition and relaxation.  



Why I Want ToHome School!

2 years ago I met a lady named Katie at a conference, she was a home school mumma. I considered her to be everything I ever wanted to be when I became a mother. She was the embodiment of female power and beauty and not because she looked like Kate Moss but because she embraced every aspect of her self as a woman and her family. This women didn't shy from her sexuality despite the dictation of social norms for a SAHM, this woman embraced her children for who they were and didn't draw parallels between the developmental milestone of one child and another, this woman loved unconditionally and openly.


This woman embodied everything I would ever want to give and share with my children in terms of an emotional education. Katie in conjuction with her emotional interllect also posses a great belife in the power of learing by doing. A midnight nature walk extended its power to exhilerating not only her 3 year old but her 15 year old too - katie seemingly allowed her child like wonder to seep into the unspoiled depths of the imagination and environmental understanding of her teen. If I could help my children learn and find their academic fortays in a way that made them truely passionate about their professions the same way that I eat, sleep and breath what I do, I would consider myself to be a great mum.


Don't get me wrong girls I know it wont be all nature walks and bongo playing but I think their is wisdom in everything we do, learn and see even as adults.... so even fights over learning neat hadwriting will hold something for my child to gain #boundaries.