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Our in-house breast feeding expert will come to your home and talk you through everything you need to know about breast feeding your child, from a comprehensive break down of how to latch your little one through to helping you find some good spots in your home to feed your child most comfortably. We always recomend this option to anyone with their heart set on breast feeding as when baby arrives – it's best to have the infomation first so you're not thrown at the first hurdle!

Here at Perfect Start Pregnancy our Senior Nutritionist Saidee Bailey is well placed to guide you through all your breast-feeding questions, undertaking a diet specific to promoting your immune system can aid your recovery and help protect your little one agains a range of bacterial and viral infection. In addition to Saidee's Service our fully qualified IBCLC registed lactation consultant can guid you through everything from Latching to feeding in public.

Tips and tricks

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This package is for new Mummys who are having a specific problem either with how their baby is feeding or to how they are feeling. This consultation is always performed in your own home by our breastfeeding consultant and will come with a list of written recomendations delivered straight your inbox immediately afterwards. We know how hard it can be to keep up with everyhting that is said to you when you're under pressure; we also know how much easier it can be to cope when someone who knows how is with you, but then when you're left alone it can feel just as stressful and overwhelming.

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