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Corporate Packages

Perfect Start Pregnancy is a holistic company that combines nutritional advice with a range of alternative therapies and pre-natal services, devoted to optimising maternal and infant health. Perfect Start helps London’s busiest mums-to-be achieve the very best for their bodies and their babies.

Saidee Samuelson Director & Corporate Coordinator


“With qualifications as a Nutritionist, Doula, Maternity Nurse and Lactation consultant I am able to offer both my private and corporate clients a consistent and experienced platform for advice, appropriate to all aspects of pregnancy, birth and new born care.  In conjunction with my role within Perfect Start I also support one stop clinical platform Baby Clinic Harley Street and am currently undertaking my doctoral research at Imperial College London in maternal nutrition.”

The Corporate Concept

The aim of our corporate packages is to provide a consistent source of knowledge and expert advice for employees preparing to enter parenthood. Perfect Start Pregnancy aims to best equip your work force for the trials of pregnancy and life with a new born. Offering a diverse range of advice on how to optimise recovery after birth and how to ease the transition back into the work place while breast-feeding. We feel it is important employers on a global platform are conscious of the benefits of breast feeding and are prepared to equip their women with the knowledge and security to continue exclusive breast-feeding after returning to work. Exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months and continued supplementary feeding for a further 6 months has a diverse range of health benefits for both the child and the mother.

Available Packages

This package includes a presentation on caring for a newborn baby including how best to approach your new life. We cover topics such as establishing sleeping routines, incorporating dad into babies life, who to seek support from and when action is needed. This package is a little less formal and suitable for mum and dad’s to be. Employees will be offered an information pack to take away.

This package includes a presentation on the range of benefits diet can have throughout pregnancy on the maternal body and the developing baby. This package also includes a wealth of information relating to exercise and relaxation to mediate the effects of stress and can cover options some companies may offer including getting the most out of flexi time. Employees will be offered an information pack to take away.

Pre-Natal Nutrition & Wellbeing

New Born Care & Infant Sleep

This package includes a presentation on the benefits of continued breast-feeding and the ways to best approach continued breastfeeding in conjunction with a return to the work place. This package also covers topics such as seeking a nanny or auxiliary caregiver for you child, infant milestones and a variety of parent/ care giver tips on development. Employees will be offered an information pack to take away.

Returning to the Work Place

What Are The Bottom Line Benefits From A Corporate Perspective?

What are the bottom line benefits of a healthy diet through pregnancy?


A healthy diet in early pregnancy ensures that you and you baby are provided with sufficient nutrients and energy to maintain optimal health and development. Women who undertake healthier diets during pregnancy are less likely to have a child with heath problems and are therefore more likely to remain as an integral part of the work place for years to come.


Can my diet affect how quickly I recover after birth?


Your diet during pregnancy can certainly affect the speed at which you recover from labour. Your state of mind can also have a powerful effect on your rate of recovery. Women who maintain a healthy diet full of iron and other essential nutrients such as amino acids have the right things their bodies need to repair themselves as quickly as possible.


What are the bottom line benefits of relaxation and stress relief during pregnancy?


Women who remain relaxed and keep a positive frame of mind throughout their pregnancy and labour are less likely to have babies who are restless sleepers. Mum's to more relaxed babies tend to be more relaxed themselves, therefore are less likely to suffer from post-natal depression and related stress disorders.


What are the bottom line benefits of breast-feeding and why should employers support it?


There are so many wonderful ingredients in breast milk which simply cannot be reproduced in a laboratory. These ingredients can help to develop the immune system of your baby and stimulate her brain development as well as her digestive system. The effects of breast-feeding are not restricted to the first few months of your child's life, they can extend into her life as an adult too: breast-fed babies are known to have a reduced risk of asthma, allergies, obesity and a lower incidence of childhood cancers. The benefits of breast-feeding extend to the mother too reducing her risk of premenopausal breast cancer.


What are the benefits of a baby who is a good sleeper?

It is essential for parents to understand early programming techniques to help their babies sleep for longer periods. Fathers to restless babies are more likely to experience a reduction in overall productivity in the work place due to stress and fatigue.

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