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Fertility Health & Wellbeing


Stress can affect the part of your brain (the hypothalamus) that regulates your hormones. The hypothalamus controls the hormones required to release your eggs, and in turn is responsible for the regulation of your partner's testosterone levels and sperm production. Being less stressed helps your hypothalamus to function optimally free from the burden of stress related hormones acting against its pro-reproductive functions.

Perfect Start offers two main fertility services, supporting you and your partner with both nutrition and overall wellbeing and relaxation. Whether you have had trouble conceiving, are undertaking IVF or are just hoping to improve the overall health of you and your partner before taking the next steps on your journey together. Perfect Start offers individual and couples consultations.

What lifestyle changes can improve fertility?

The hormones which influence our ability to reproduce are strongly influenced by our body weight, our stress levels and our internal stores of specific nutrients such as calcium and iron. Good nutrition combined with a healthy mindset can help regulate hormone production and help to combat related cycling issues.


Some common medical isues such as PCOS and diabetes can strongly influence our fertility, however with nutritonal guidance and medical support it is often possible to go on to conceive a baby naturally and to give birth safely.


Establishing a good diet prior to conception even if you do not suffer with issues surrounding fertility is always a positive thing. Prior to conception good nutrition can help prevent maternal issues such as anemia, pre-clampsia, morning sickness and fetal onset diabetes. Good nutrition that extends throughout pregnancy can also help prevent fetal issues such as low birth weight (LBW) and can lead to more contented babies.

A healthy  pre-pregnancy diet for her

A healthy pre-conception diet  for him

Sperm that develops in a man who is deficient of certain specific nutrients such as zinc, selenium and folate is  likely to have a higher incidence of genetic polymorphisms. genetic Polymorphisms can contribute to both birth defects such as downes syndrome and too later life health issues such cancer for the resulting child. Good paternal nutrition and lifestyle choices are particularly important in men who have chosen to start their families a little later in life. Just like women research as revealed that men have a biological clock too where spem are seen to have a marked reduction in quality from the age of 35 onwards.


Sperm develop in a mans testicles approximate 90 days before they are ready to be ejuculated, there is of course some varion between men. If as a couple you are considering planning for a baby or attempting to increase your fertility you must remmeber things take time, you should consider allowing 3-4 months for dietary changes to begin taking an effect  on sperm quality.

How can relaxation help improve fertility?

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