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Personal Fitness - By Laurel Alper

With over 15 years experience Laurel Alper, Perfect Start's in house pre and post natal fitness expert is here to help. Offering visitis to a range of convenient locations in all surrounding areas of  North West London or providing the option to make use her private gym (feel free to bring baby with you), you can train safe in the knowledge that your baby is never far away.





Having a baby is one of the most special and exciting times in a woman's life. Keeping fit and strong throughout your pregnancy helps not only to alleviate many pre-natal symptoms, it also eases post partum recovery and encourages your babys heart to grow big and strong. As your baby grows your body experiences many significant changes through each trimester. Laurel, a Level 3 qualified specialist in Ante & Post Natal Personal Training, works on an idividual basis with each of her clients (no pre-written exercises plans in sight) to produce training progammes specific for an individuals stage of pregnancy / recovery and fitness level.














After giving birth, many new mum's want to get back into shape  as quickly as possible and there's no better way than exercising! Laurel supports women in the post natal phase with a diverse range of specific exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles along with progressive tummy exercises (core training) to help the body rebuild what was weakened in pregnancy. Many women feel as though their posture may have been affected and you may be suffering with muscular imbalances which a specialist training programme can help correct.







Exercising when pregnant can also reduce recovery time after birth.

Why is exercise important throughout both the pre & post partum period of pregnancy?

Exercising can prevent or reduce pregnancy ailments:

Excessive weight gain



Back ache

Constipation or stress incontinence

Varicose veins

Diastasis Recti

Anxiety / Post Partum Depression

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