Pregnancy test with weeks indicator

Pregnancy test with weeks indicator

A pregnancy test with weeks indicator is a test that can tell you how many weeks pregnant you are. It is a blood test that measures the level of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your blood. HCG is produced by the placenta, and its level increases as your pregnancy progresses.

The pregnancy test with weeks indicator is usually done between weeks 10 and 13 of pregnancy, but it can be done as early as week 8. It is usually done along with a physical exam and ultrasound.

If you are thinking about having a pregnancy test with weeks indicator, talk to your healthcare professional first. He or she can help you understand what the first and only test is and what the results might mean for you and your pregnancy.


Tell me the time of birth and pregnancy. The package contains two Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Testings with the weekly indicators. Clearblue pregnancy tests with Weeks indicators are the most important pregnancy tests in the world.

Enjoy the unique advantage of learning how far you are: the results are as exact as an ultrasound scan at dating pregnancy! If you are pregnant and the result is pregnancy, hCG will measure how many days you have to wait for. Its smart dual sensor tells you if you are pregnant or not.

Features and Benefits

Over 92% accuracy is used in lab testing and over 95% accuracy in identifying your pregnancies as soon as they start and giving you clear results if you have the need to get it. As reliable as ultrasound in the dating of your pregnancy as accurate as the later ultrasound dating scan of your pregnancy. This intelligent two pixel technology. Results 5 days earlier.

Clearblue pregnancy test based on week indicator is incredibly sensitive and can be tested 5 days before the missed period and 4 days before it is expected. 65% pregnancy results may come out within a few weeks, unless your period has already ended. Test before you have your period and use your urine for weekly indicator results.

The only test that tells you how many weeks it takes

There’s a video about this product claiming to be a clear blue test for women. Clearblue pregnancy tests have no morning sedative. All tests contain small desiccants tablets that absorb moisture but cannot be consumed.

So accurate… tells you how many weeks it takes

This is like two tests in one: it first identifies whether the hormone in your pregnancy was present and it will also indicate how long your pregnancy was between 2 and 3 weeks after conception 1-2, 2-4 or 1-3 months. The weekly index identifies your location with 99% accuracy.

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Pharmacy products

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Pregnancy tests with weeks indicator are available at most pharmacies. However, some women may prefer to take a home pregnancy test or have a blood test done by their healthcare provider.

So accurate – also tells you how many weeks it takes

The Clearblue pregnancy test – Week Indicator is the most accurate pregnancy test to date. Smart combines two sensor types to tell you when to expect a baby and how far along your pregnancy is.

The first sensor of the test measures the concentration of the hormone hCG in your urine. The second sensor measures how long it took for the hormone to double in concentration. This provides an accurate estimate of how many weeks pregnant you are.

The dual sensor technology is so accurate that it can be used as a dating scan if you are unsure of your last menstrual period or if your cycles are irregular.

Tell me the opinion of others?

I’ve had Clearblue’s products for years and I absolutely like their products. I’m not going to use another brand and the customer care is great. I’m pleased with my order.

Before you begin

Please take care while reading the instructions in the booklet before doing Clearblue Pre-Gastro-pregnancy tests with Week indicators. You can get your pregnancy tested anytime you want on your scheduled period. The first urine in an opportune week can be tested before the accurate weeks indicator result. Avoid using excessive alcohol for pregnancy tests and avoid any unnecessary calorie consumption. If testing is ready, remove test sticks from foil wrapping and remove the blue cap. Start testing immediately.

Doing the Test

Use just the absorbent tip pointing upwards into the urine stream for 5 seconds. Please avoid getting anything other than the digital pregnancy test stick wet. Alternatively, they can collect urine samples and keep the samples dry. Put an absorbent tip downward into the blood – urine for 1-2 minutes. If the pregnancy test stick is not mounted on the thigh you could remove their cap. Keep your points down. IMPORTANT. Keep testing stick up and keep the absorption point pointed downwards in the test.

I tested ‘pregnant’ but have tested again and got a ‘Not Pregnant’ result, or my period has started. Tell me the meaning of this?

Although the test is more than 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy or in detecting the pregnancy hormone on the date the predicted period is possible to get a pregnancy and then discover you’ll not get a pregnant pregnancy (e.g. you may get a not pregnant result later). It can also be caused by natural loss during early pregnancy – known as early pregnancy loss, unfortunately not rare since 1 in 4 births end early. If there is any unexpected result, consult your physician.

Can I use Clearblue digital Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator?

The pregnancy hormone can become highly sensitive and clearblue pregnancy tests are recommended to test your pregnancy up to five days before your scheduled period (4 days before your scheduled period). Clearblue Pregnancy Testing with Week Indicator gives a number of days before Expected Period results. 98%.

Read your results

Within three minutes a results page should show. – The pregnancy result could show up before or before the Week indicator results. Keep waiting until the hourglass doesn’t light up until you see your week indicators results. During that period the results are displayed within few hours.

– If the test is used after you have already started your period, the pregnancy result may show up as ‘Not Pregnant’ but you will still see an estimate of how far along your pregnancy is.

– If no results appear within 10 minutes, there might be a problem with the test. Please repeat the test using a new digital pregnancy test stick.

If you are pregnant

If your test says you’re pregnant, congratulations!

If your test says you’re not pregnant

If your test says you’re not pregnant and you think you could be, it’s possible that:

– You took the test too early in your pregnancy. Try testing again in a few days’ time.

– You didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Try testing again and making sure you follow all the instructions correctly.

– You may have tested too late in the day, when your urine may have been more diluted. Test first thing in the morning for more accurate results.

If you get a ‘Not Pregnant’ result and think you could be pregnant, it’s also possible that you are experiencing an early pregnancy loss which is also known as a chemical pregnancy. This can happen if the fertilized egg doesn’t implant properly into your womb (uterus). Chemical pregnancies are very common, with as many as 1 in 4 confirmed pregnancies ending this way. If you’re concerned, please speak to your healthcare professional.

If you’re not pregnant, there are a number of things that could be causing you to miss your period. These include:

– Stress

– Excessive weight gain or loss

– Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

– Pituitary gland disorders

– Some types of cancer

If you think you could be pregnant but have got a ‘Not Pregnant’ result, and your period hasn’t arrived when expected, we recommend taking another Clearblue Pregnancy Test after 3 days as hormone levels may not yet be high enough to be detected. If you still don’t get your period, please see your doctor.

How accurate is Clearblue Weeks Indicator?

The weekly indicators are 97% accurate in showing how you grew based upon time after your pregnancy. However, please note that your pregnancy can grow at different rates and the weekly indicator results are only to be used as a guide.

How accurate is Clearblue pregnancy test with Weeks Indicator?

This device has the capability to detect pregnant women at an earliest date if used on a pregnant day. If you are not expecting a pregnancy test before your due date than it is likely that it’s not true.

Can any medication or medical conditions affect the result?

Always take all prescribed medications as directed before taking tests. Whenever you notice an unexpected result it is important to discuss it with the physician.

Other things that can affect the test results are:

– You didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Try testing again and making sure you follow all the instructions correctly.

– You may have tested too late in the day, when your urine may have been more diluted. Test first thing in the morning for more accurate results.

– Some medications, such as diuretics, anticonvulsants, or hypnotics, can lead to false test results. If you take any of these medications, please talk to your doctor about how they might affect your test result.

– If you think you could be pregnant but have got a ‘Not Pregnant’ result and your period hasn’t arrived when expected,

Wait 3 minutes

The Clearblue pregnancy test indicates the test will be completed. Once the waiting symbols stop appearing you will get an answer from me.

If the test is positive

A plus sign (+) will appear in the round window, and a pregnant symbol will appear in the digital display.

If the test is negative

A minus sign (-) will appear in the round window, and a not pregnant symbol will appear in the digital display.

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator says I’m pregnant but I don’t think I conceived when the Weeks Indicator says I did. Is this possible?

The week-end indicator will be 99% precise in urine tests. Several drugs may cause symptoms. I’ll be interested in what i have to say.

My Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator says I’m not pregnant. What should I do?

If it doesn’t look good for your pregnancy then you might not even have an accurate pregnancy date.

Unmistakably clear digital results

In 3 minutes, your pregnancy results or your non-pregnancy results are shown. When pregnancy is found, the tests show a time since conception.