What is a doula?

A doula is a labor support person who has been trained to offer guidance to the laboring woman. She is not a medical professional, and  doesn’t help deliver the baby. Doulas focus their attention on the woman, helping her to listen to what her body is telling her, recommending positions and activities to help ease the pain of labor and encouraging the woman with her words and actions.

How can a doula help me?

Women who hope to have a natural birth are most likely to find a doula benificial.  Your doula will help you write a birthing plan as well as guiding you through your labour with a variety of  techniques and activities to ease your discomfort.

The benefits of a Perfect Start doula

Our doula here at Perfect Start Pregnancy Saidee Bailey is a registered doula as part of DOULA UK, a lactation consultant and a Maternity Nurse Practitioner as well. Saidee will meet you 3 or 4 times prior to the birth of your child to discuss your goals and will be able to explain medical procedures and terminology and quite literally hold your hand throughout the birthing process.

How is employing a doula more beneficial than relying on a hospital midwife?

1.Your doula will remain consistent throughout your pregnancy

2. Your doula will be fully qualified to offer advice regarding your birthing plan, labour and breast-feeding      

3. Your doula will  help you through the early stages of labour at home before helping you to transition into the hospital.

4. Your doula will offer couple-specific advice on what to take in your hospital bag and help you pack it

5. Consistent advice from one source is always the best.  Many mothers who have questions about their labour consult a wide variety of sources and end up feeling confused about the information they have recieved. Everyone who works with babies or has children quite rightly considers themselves a pro but there are plenty of ways to achieve this standard.

What will my doula do for me during my labour?

Your doula will offer physical support, rubbing your back, massaging your legs, helping you to take a shower, and helping you to generally relax. Your Doula can also help you to understand what is happening during your birth, particularly if you are birthing in a hospital. The Doulas role is to complement the husband and to help pick up the slack if he is feeling the pressure of the clinial situation.

What will my doula do for me after my delivery?

Immediately after delivery, the doula can help you to begin breastfeeding. She can show you how to hold the baby and how to relax so that you can enjoy this important time right after delivery. She’ll come to check on you a number of times after the delivery and in your own home can answer questions about nursing, the baby’s health, and your own recovery.

What are the bottom line benefits of a doula?

Studies have found that women who hire a doula experience 25% shorter labors, a 60% reduction in the request for an epidural, and a 30% reduction in the need for forceps. Research also shows that women who had a doula have less anxiety and more confidence with their baby six weeks after delivery. If you are considering a natural birth, hiring a doula can really help to take the pressure off your partner, alleviating the pressure for them creating a smoother, gentler birthing experience. If you are considering accessing our doula service please contact us direct to discuss your options.