Here at Perfect Start Pregnancy our senior Nutritionist Saidee Bailey offes a wide range of Nutritonal packages to compliment your lifestyle, readying your body for the magical journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

What nutriton packages are avalible?

Female fertility package

This package is uniquely designed for you. Your consultation will take into consideration your previous dietary history as well as any information or diagnosis that you may have received from your doctor. Many common female fertility issues are related to problems that can be overcome by proper nutrition. For example, infertility issues surrounding polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are strongly linked to elevated insulin or glucose levels in the blood. Disregulation of digestive hormoes such as insulin can interfere with the quality of your eggs, implantation and the development of your baby. A good pre-pregnancy diet can help overcome hormone-related fluctuations and help to reduce their influence on your reproductive system. This package includes a wealth of easy to understand information to take home with you as well as a bespoke 2 week menu plan.

Male Fertility PackageĀ 

This package is uniquely designed for your partner and will take into consideration any medical diagnosis along with his dietary history. This package can help combat realted stress issues and will also cover all the basics of male wellbeing for health and fertility. Complete with a 2 week menu plan (packed with snacks), this package is perfect for the most diet-shy of men.