Our Friends is the section of the Perfect Start’s website where we can give thanks to all the wonderful supporters and people who help make London such a great place to start raising a child.

Sweet Bambini Pregnancy and Newborn Photography by an incredibly talented and fantastically creative photographer Maria Murray. Based in Hampshire Maria does both home and studio shoots.

Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, Michele Odent MD (Head of Primal Research centre UK) is the person who first opened my eyes too and sparked a deep interest into the peripheral aspects of pregnancy beyond the remit of my clinical knowledge. Lilliana is Michel’s right hand woman, she is a doula who focuses on natural births empowering and encouraging women for over 15 years Lilliana has been present at over 500 births and is a wonderful friend to many of the women at the Perfect Start team and within the Perfect Start customer base.

Nicola Wilson
Nicola is a nanny turned doula / maternity nurse with over 40 years experience caring for new born babies. Nicola is an inspirational women who has been providing support and baby know how to Perfect Start since the very begining.

Baby Scan Clinic
Baby Scan Clinic based in Harley street has a great central London location, it provides a range of baby scans including 3 and 4D images.

North London’s luxery baby boutique, from the essentials to the added extras huggle has all thing mother and baby covered under one modern roof. Huggle also provide a range of mother and baby classes as well as NCT sessions.