Pre-Natal Nutrition

Here at Perfect Start Pregnancy our in house Nutritionist Saidee Bailey is one of the industries leading experts on Nutrition during pregnancy. Under the guidance of Saidee you can achieve a release from all those pregnancy niggles and undertsnad how to enhance your babies development.

Nourish by trimester package
Private consultations answering all your questions and filling you in on the most important “need-to-knows” of mummy-to-be nutrition. After each consultation you will be given a bespoke nutrition plan designed to suit your lifestyle, tastes and your baby’s developmental demands (trimester appropriate).  We recommend that you come and see us once a trimester – this will help keep you on track with your weight gain, will give you the confidence to try new foods and recipes and will keep you up to date with your baby’s specific demands. A one off meeting is priced at £65 and a 4 meting package costs £225

Target package
This consultation is specifically if you have a pregnancy related problem such as acid reflux or heartburn. If you are suffering specifically from a pregnancy related issue there are several natural and nutrition related remedies than can help ease the symptoms. In this package we can go remote and send you a list of natural and nuritionally based recommendations to help you out or, you can have a short 30 minute consultation to help you through. This comes complete with a few recipe ideas to ease your symptoms and complement your baby’s developmental stage.