Private Antenatal Classes

Knowlege is power and confidence when it comes to bringing a baby into the world. Mums and dads to be who are well prepared for what to expect throughout labour and those early weeks of baby’s life tend to deal better with the whole situation – Perfect Starts in house experts from qualified Maternity Nurses to Doulas and Nannys provide a wealth of information and practical support for parents in all aspects of labour and the early weeks.

At home private antenatal class
A one-to-one crash course in all things baby, where you and your partner can learn the essentials of baby care ready for when your little one arrives. The session includes a wealth of know-how including a comprehensive decoding of all things baby from bathing, to bed time and nappy changing. You will take away a basic breakdown booklet and plenty of confidence for when your baby arrives all designed and delivered by our in House Maternity Nurse Practitioner.

Let’s talk giving birth … let’s not labour over it!
Plain and simple discussion with plenty of insider info on the best choice of relaxation method for you. From Doulas to Hypnobirthing, we know all the ins and outs .This session is very science based, we don’t talk about funny breathing, we dont talk about dads humming in the background, we ask that women listen to their bodies (We call it common sesnse birthing!). Novel as the idea of women listening to what their own bodies want, at Perfect Start we are firm believers in the fact that women, especilally as we have been doing it for 1000’s of years are designed to give birth, as long as we stay calm and relaxed labour with progess naturally – just like going for a wee labour is ¬†involuntary ¬†and will progess at a pace that is right of us.