Best Skincare Routine During Pregnancy: Skincare for Face and Body

For every woman, becoming a mother is a milestone moment, and along with this, there are some challenges to face though. After you look after you and your growing baby, your regular life changes and you had to follow the whole new routine which includes your diet, morning routine, heavy exercises as well as skincare. Here are some skincare routines which will help you to tackle all the skin concern which tend to sprout during pregnancy. These are safe, simple, and proven.

Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

According to dermatologists, a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes throughout life, which also includes the important one – pregnancy period. Skin and hair issues are prevalent during hormonal changes. In many cases, after the first trimester, most of the skin and hair issues get resolved. Her skin looks ravishing and looks better than before. All the problems of acne and dull hair get solved, but sometimes there are such cases where the reverse is seen.

Here Are the Common Problems

Hormonal Acne

Due to many hormonal changes into your body, your skin becomes extra sensitive, which can cause dryness, extra oil secretion, which can ultimately cause acne, but doesn’t worry. Consult your doctor and follow the skin care tips, and it will vanish the acne.


Hormonal fluctuations and exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation all over the body. Sun is necessary but have a walk in the morning and avoid the sun from morning 10 a.m. to an evening at 5 p.m.

Skincare Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

For every pregnant woman, everything needs extra-attention. Your whole body needs extra attention from what you eat to what you apply and when you sleep and get up. Here are some of the tips which will help you to take proper care of your skin during pregnancy.

Continue Your Skin Care Routine

Do not skip your skincare routine. Many times patients skip the routine, which is not suitable for your skin. Regularly use body wash for pregnancy, sunscreen, cleanser, moisturizers, etc. and follow your routine to keep your skin healthy. Always try to use organic and natural products.

Use Moisturizer

During pregnancy, moisturize your whole body, which will help to prevent your skin from getting dry, avoid stretch marks as well as reduce itchiness. Especially, moisturize the knees, elbows, and nipples as they tend to get very dry.

Consult Your Doctor Before Getting Any New Skin Treatment

Always consult your doctor before getting any skin treatment as the harmful chemicals and heat therapy can damage your skin even more due to the sensitivity. During pregnancy, your skin becomes even more sensitive than before, so always consult your doctor. But still, facial once a month can do.

Never Forget Sunscreen

Make sure you are all covered up with hats, sunglasses as well as sun coats to avoid the harmful rays. Always apply a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays, which can cause sunburn, rashes, and even skin cancer. Avoid going out when the sun is at its high.

Hair Removal

Waxing during pregnancy will not cause harm, but it may be more painful during pregnancy as the skin becomes more and more sensitive. Using chemicals during these days can also be a better option, but consult your doctor before using it because these chemicals may irritate you now or further.

Avoid Night Creams

Use pregnancy safe face wash before going to bed and avoid using night creams. There are many night creams available in the market which contain retinol and isotretinoin, which generally improves your skin and makes it beautiful and acne-free. But, using these chemicals during chemicals can cause a threat during pregnancy as they can cause congenital disabilities. These can also disturb your further menstrual cycle and causes other problems too.